Officially Done

After what fees like a million practices and hours of hard work and pain,  we are done with soccer for the spring. I am so reviled that I now for a couple of weeks can just relax and do whatever I feel like.

We ended the season with two games today, the first one against UWM our town rival. We completely demolished them and the final score was 5-1, it is always a very sweet feeling to beat a rival. Just feels a little bit better then a normal victory, a little bit more well earned. In the final we faced Green Bay, it was obvious that most of the player were tired from the game and the tempo of the game was not high at all in the beginning. However we managed to pull through and win the game with 2-0. So after all we have had a pretty good spring season, on paper not as good as last year but this spring we actually played good teams instead of the bottom scrap we faced last year.

So from now on I am living a very relaxing and chill dream, I hope you all will do the same!



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