Close To The End

Good evening world, I know this is a late post but today has been rather busy. Filled with school, practice, meetings, Caroline. Stared of this morning with an early wake up call, 6 A.M., practice started at 7 A.M. After a rather shockingly long and running filled practice I had a couple of hours for my self do just relax and catch up on some homework, which is needed with finals week approaching. It is rather mental to have so many tests in just a week, I feel like most people just learn as much as they can for the test and the moment they walk out all that information is forgotten in order to study for a new test. Crazy thing this academic world, just crazy.

Anyways after spending 50 minutes searching for information about our teacher online, I finally could settle down to watch the semi final in the champions league. So intense and so amazing it was, I could not believe it when Christiano Ronaldo missed his penalty. Such a small window between success and failure, and today Real Madrid become failures. Must have been a real set back for their coach Jose Mourinho. It is however going to be interesting to see the final between Chelsea and Bayern Munich. I believe that Bayern will win, it is played on their home field and Chelsea got some crucial people that are dissolved to play the final because of cards.

In order to leave soccer life completely for a night, I decided to take Caroline out for dinner. We went to this amazing little thai restaurant called Muay Thai, incredible little place. The setting was pleasant, and the food amazing. However, I did a crucial mistake the waiter told me that they had a spice number between 1-4, and that I could decide what I wanted to have. I thought 3 sounded smart, but  I was so wrong. My eyes were filled with tears, and my nose started running. It was extremely hot, delicious but hot so hot. After about 9 cups of water I had manage to finish the dish, and we went home and watched a movie. A pretty sweet night in all, and now some awesome sleep before a new day awaits.



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