Life Is Life

Good evening everyone,  finally back in my room after the longest day ever. Class from 9.30 until 2 and than practice from 4 until 8, really took my powers away that is for sure. I really need to get some sleep soon, since we are up for a 7 A.M practice tomorrow morning. So happy news during lifting, for the first time ever I managed to take 100 kilos in bench press. I been trying to take that much so long, and finally I managed to do it. I guess that proves that hard work does pay off, and from now on I hope that I always will be able to take that much. We did another test as well, which were chin ups. I did more than I ever could have imagined, I finished second on the team with 29 chin ups. I believe my previous record was something like 16, so this really was a immense improvement for me.

Other than that I really do not have anything to say, honestly to tired to even think right now! Sleep well all.




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