Thank You Apple

Good evening world, I hope Monday did not kill you. It is always rough to start a new week, just seems so long until the weekend will arrive again. My Monday started of terrifically though, got to sleep in since we did not have practice this morning. You got to love that, especially since I did not have class until 2. I was up at eleven anyway, I had to go to the apple store and work out the deal with my computer. I think the best part was that I actually drove to the store my self, it has been so long since I drove. Without my own car it really does not happened to often, so when it does I really enjoy it. Crank up some tunes and just enjoy some time for my self.

The apple store however was just the easiest story ever, extremely helpful. I walked in got help straight away, and the guy just took a look at the computer and told me that it was a disc problem. As any normal human I had no clue what that meant but I gave him one of my very confused looks, and he just said it is our fault would you like a new computer? My answer was off course a light smile and a simple yes, please! And just like that here I an writing with my new computer, pretty awesome. A big shout out to Apple good job.

Today my group had our presentation on the NBA, I must say that we did awesome. The judges who actually work within the advertising industry was impressed by our knowledge and how we presented it all. They did not even have any questions when we were done, which were the first time ever. I was very pleased with how we worked as a team, and with our end product. I guess my only regret is that my role was quite small compared to some other people within the group, but sometimes it is nice to not need to be a key speaker in a project. I believe I only had to speak 4 out of 35 minutes, pretty chill and I do believe anyone in the group could have done the presentation themselves since we all knew our brand inside and out.

That is all I got for the night, sleep tight.



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