A Step In The Right Direction

Hello world, I hope you have enjoyed your weekend. I sure have, even though there has been some negative aspects to it. One of those negative aspects is the reason for my awful updating. My computer has crashed completely, I have no clue why. All I know is that is sucks and that I really need to get it fixed. I have managed to hook myself up with a car tomorrow (thank you Caroline) so I can go to the apple store and make it all better. It really is kind of sad though, I mean a 2000 dollar computer should not break in less than a month. Shame on apple, but hopefully they will make it all better tomorrow. If not well I do have a guarantee so it should not be a problem. The worst part to be honest is realizing how dependant of a computer I am. It is actually worse than not having a phone, and therefore I am taking care of this problem much faster.

Yesterday we shoot a few scenes, one of the actors was not able to make it so we could not shoot as much as we wanted to. I was happy anyway, did not have to go and do the hunger clean up, which would have meant getting up at 7. Lucky me! Later on we played the Alumni game, as expected we won easily. However they did do a real good job, and it was really fun. It is nice to see all the old players again, once a Marquette player, always a Marquette player. I only played for about 18 minutes, coach told me he wanted to rest me for the game today. A decision that I really agreed with, I am not able to perform two days in a row. My body just cannot handle that. It did go pretty well today though, our left side really looked strong and we even managed to get a goal in. I scored it and Paul played it to me. I really feel like we can find each other well on the left side, and we work really hard for each other.

The opposite side of life, last night I went out for dinner with Caroline and two other couples. We went to this Mexican place, seriously the best guacamole I have ever tasted. I cannot even believe that it was so good, if I could it one thing for the rest of my life that would be it. The margaritas was flying in as well, I obviously did not have any since we had a game today. But the rest got pretty tipsy, Caroline even came to the great conclusion that we should go to the movies afterwards. The problem was that it started 30 minutes before we got there, I still thought it was pretty good. Caroline who actually read the book, did not care for it at all. Apparently it was not similar to the book at all. We saw the lucky one with Zac Effron. I have to admit he is a great actor, and has really developed as an actor compared to High School Musical.

I believe that about sums up my life, I hope everyone’s night will be relaxing.



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