I Got Soul In My Veins

Good evening everyone, sorry about my abrupt ending before but the teacher wanted to start his weekend real bad. I do not blame him, I mean who does not love the weekend. However as I was saying if I remember correctly, last night was pretty chill just hanged out with Caroline all night. I am paying for the late night today though, been tired all day even though I took like two naps and all. Later when I actually tried to do some home work my lack of planning stopped me, I assumed my advisors office would be open so I could borrow some glue and crayons. It was closed though, so I could only make an outline. At least a start I guess, better than nothing.

Kind of funny, I was eating with Axel and Kelmend. While we are eating Caroline and her friend Kiela walks in, they sit down two tables away from us. They could see us, but they did not. They were looking straight at us but did not see us, I started texting her asking her what she was doing. They were turning around looking all over the place except at us, took them like ten minutes until they finally saw us. I just love when you get into situations like that, made my day that is for sure!

Wake up call tomorrow at about nine, to shoot movie scenes for the rest of the day. Hopefully I will get done before three, because we have an Alumni game that starts at that time. It was supposed to start at 7.30 but they changed it the last minute, because of that change our coaches was considerate towards my acting and let me miss the game if the shoot would take a long time. I hope I will be able to play though, especially since their so many old fiends playing. Almost all the seniors from last year, it is going to be real fun to see them all again.

Now it is time for a good movie!


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