Chase Chase Chase We Will Never Give Up

We just got done with the game, sitting on the bus on the way to the place were we are going to shower. The bus smells like sweaty soccer players and pizza, not the best combination if I can say so myself. I love our staff for everything they do for us when it comes to food, but I will never eat American Pizza after a hard game. I was just not brought up that way, I think I would need something like pasta or rice to recover my body properly. What about the game then, in all honesty I barely want to talk about it. We had so incredible many chances, me include. I cannot believe that  I did not score, I scored in that position since I was seven. Now all of a sudden I miss the chances I create, it is not good enough for playing on this level. I believe that it is all about confidence, when I score my first when hell is going to break loose. The final result was 1-1, I believe they had two shoots during the whole game. However, I need to give my whole team a lot of credit of all the teams I have played for I never played on one that played as beautiful soccer as we did today. Rolling the ball, patience, combination, very beautiful soccer. The audience must have enjoyed themselves a lot, however the last piece of the puzzle was missing. I believe that we will be able to get to that if we keep working hard. I am great believer in luck, and the harder I work the more of it I seem to have.

A change of plans as well, our bus was to bog to go under the bridge so we have to drive for two hours back home sweaty, should be a fun adventure (laughter). Happy news though we got tomorrow off, so I am probably gonna take Caroline out for dinner or something american like that. The big question is, will I be able to wake up for class? We will not be back on campus until 12:30, I guess we will have the answer to that tomorrow.

Have a good night people, sweet dreams.



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