Hello everybody I hope your week is progressing as planned, we are half way through to the weekend so hang in there. At the moment I am on a bus traveling towards Chicago again, we have another away game and this is the way we travel. Today is more of a luxury bus though, we got a kitchen, a couple of TV’s, and a few couches. Who said traveling cannot be comfortable?

What has been going on the last couple of days, well we have had a coupe of practices and lifts, just light though since we have 4 games in 8 days. A lot of work for the legs and the rest of the body. I really thought I would be given the chance to sleep in this morning, but we had to participate in a survey as a team this morning at  8 A.M. Thank you a lot NCAA, I hope you get a lot done with our answers. Other than that I was pretty productive actually, moved back my move in date for next year until August 18 instead of June 1. Pretty smart because now I can live there the whole next summer, saves me some money as well which always is good in a poor students life. And yes I am now in a relationship with Caroline, pretty awesome you know!



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