Hello Friend

Good afternoon everyone, as you all know today is Sunday. According to the bible the day of relaxation, according the average college student it is the day of recovering from Saturday night and get some studying done. Personally I believe a good mix between them both is exactly what you should try to get.

At least that is what I am doing, Caroline left the room kind of early this morning so I took the smart decision of continuing to sleep. I had a movie shoot at one a clock so I wanted to look half alive for that. Almost overslept though, but my senses woke my up in time. I thought the shoot went well, I was the only actor that was present so all shoots were of me .  I am really exited about seeing the movie when it gets all done, it is kind of surprising how much time it actually takes to make shots and scenes. We shoot fore two hours today and maybe got 2-4 minutes of footage. I guess that is how the business works.

I am also giving a shout out to Pedro and Axel, because they have managed the skill of interpreting what I will write here, clever business students those two. The difference between them and me is that I am wringing this and they have to study accounting, poor guys.




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