Over And Out

Goof afternoon people one the world, I hope your Saturday is progressing as you all had hoped. Got to value the weekend, that is the time to recharge at least that is what my mom tells mom.

We just got done with the game, a victory on penalties. I thought we played well, as always there are things we need to work on, but it feels like we are getting it together more and more. If I am lucky they taped the game, if that is the case I will post the video as soon as possible. People who likes soccer, you would like to see there goal, it was amazing. I still have no clue have he got it in, it was unbelievable. Other then that we had most of the ball, and created a lot of opportunities. I have to say I should have had at least one goal today, I am missing that last inch at the moment. Just a little bit, frustrating you know being so close to your goal which is scoring a goal. But you know I just got to keep working hard, keep practicing and the goals will come. I know it, it is the way it works.

I’m a strong believer in luck and the harder I work the more of it I seem to get.

Stay strong and standing.



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