On The Road

Hello everybody, at the moment I am sitting on a bus on my way to Chicago, we are playing UIC in a couple of hours. We were very lucky today, on our way to the game one of our players Anthony invited us all to go to his house and eat lunch. I have to say that his family probably has one of the most beautiful houses I have ever seen, not just big and well planned. Everything inside was just gave the right vibe, felt like a real home. And I mean four floors is always a plus for a house, they had an awesome balcony out on their back yard as well. This is only the house, the food was even better. Perfect meal before game actually, some past. potatoes, meat, salad and bread. I believe that a meal like that can help become vitreous in todays game. Personally I really want to play today, they beat last year and now it is time to give it back. It is kind of different during spring season here in college though, all teams tries new formations, different players on different positions. Everybody usually gets a chance to play, it is just not like the fall when games “really” matters.

It is kind of a big event today though, a lot of teams play before us and all those players are getting locked at by coaches from different division one schools. And for us to attract players like that we need to play and represent ourselves in a good way when they get the chance to see us.

Wish me luck!






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