Good Bye Blue Sky

Those who are awake and alive, I hope your night has been good. Congratulations to all who fought through a long week, and made it to the weekend. I hope you all will survive the weekend as well, might be a challenge for those college students who reads this. College life you know!!

Today has been what our coach describes as the “million dollar day” also known as the day before a game. We are playing against UIC tomorrow, so what am I doing up? Well I am not a big fan of sleeping nowadays, do not know why but my body just does not want to. Got to listen to my body you know, usually knows what I need.

Other then that I had a great night, my friend’s girlfriend was celebrating her birthday so we went out for dinner, and it was real fun. Kiku’s a japanese restaurant in downtown Milwaukee. Amazing food, and a really chill place. To recommend for anyone who want to get some good food, and their oysters were amazing. Kind of fun though, I asked Axel in Swedish if he wanted to share some oysters, however I mixed up the word oyster with clam. So he expected us to get some clams, but to his unpleasant surprise we got oysters instead. I love when those kind of mistakes happens, classic mix up of language!


A good night to you all.



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