Where Are You Time And Sense?

Just feeling for a night post. The thing as I have completely forgot how to enjoy sleeping, I am rocking 3-6 hours a night and I do not eve take naps during the day. What is so sick about that is that I still do not find enough time to all that I need to and want to. I know it sounds silly to say but I honestly do not find the time. Soccer is like 3-5 hours a day, that includes extra practice and rehab. School which is like 3-4 hours, hanging out with friends and Caroline, takes time. The problem is that I do not even know what I do, I have no clue where all my hours go, such a strange feeling. I wish I could blog more and edit more of my movies, I guess this is the time in my life where I will learn to do what is most important to me or develop the valuable skill of multi tasking! Hoping for the last one.

What have I done the last couple of days, I went to the movies yesterday, Titanic 3-D. Titanic is an amazing movie no matter what, but 3-D did not make it better in any sense. Feels like they released it to make more money, and I am certain that it will work. That is just how the world works, and I am not complaining because Titanic will always be Titanic. What was truly awesome was the seats, most have been the biggest movie seats in a movie theatre ever. They were made for sitting two and two as well, big holders for candy and all that good stuff on the outside and then nothing in-between, perfect for those who like to cuddle in the dark.

However, when I got back from the theatre like 12.20 ish I saw a couple of emails from people in my class, our scripts were due today, I had no clue. Took the decision of hoping for my teachers mercy and understanding, 20% of the grade after all, luckily enough he was kind and understanding enough to give me an extension until next week. I am really exited about writing the script, it is guided in a few ways, I have to include a suitcase, a funeral, and it has to be a fairytale. I think I will be able to come up with something that will work.

A lot of shit to do this weekend with soccer, movie shootings and school, but you know smile and do it!

Sleep tight!



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