Howdy people of the world, looks like it is going to be a fine day to be alive. Woke up this morning dead tired as usual, I do not know why but it does not matter what hors I sleep I am still tired when I wake up. Still need to get up though, going to class is a part of my life. Today is a chill day though, only two classes and they are both discussions. Which literally means show up and talk for a little bit and then leave.

Tomorrow we are going to Chicago with the team to play UIC, I am really hopeful about getting a result and playing well. First of is practicing tonight, and prepare for the game. As it is right now I need to get my body stretched, I am sore from all lifting we have done. Talking about lifting, I am really close to make by personal goal of taking 100 kilos in bench press, I took 98 yesterday and next week we are going to turn it up a notch. I want it, I want it bad.

Until later, take it easy.



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