Back To The Real Life

Good evening everyone, I hope the week has started of well for you all.

I have quickly learned that being in school and playing soccer is very busy, especially since we got so many games coming up and the semester is about tho end. It is going to be a couple of real busy weeks before we are done with school. It is all going to work out though, as long as you put a smile on your face nothing can stop you. However, I will probably not have as much time to blog as I would want to so if my updates are a little bit worse than normal please do not hate!

I decided to skip class this morning just to tired to wake up, the rest of the day was good though. Got some studying done, and we had out first practice back. Let’s put it like this my whole body is sore, and I think that will last for about a week.

Well I really need to get some sleep now, practice at 7 A.M tomorrow.


Here are all the chicago pictures again, I messed up the music on the other video.




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