All I Need Is Right Here In Front Of Me

Good evening people, I hope easter weekend have been filled with a lot of fun, family, friends, and food and all other things people might have during easter.

I did something I believe is a real American tradition, easter egg hunt. Coleen, the wife in the house I am staying at hid 17 of them this morning. We all tried to find as many as possible, and I did do just that. I guess i just have an eye for finding hidden treasures, I managed to find 9 of them. Yeah I know pretty impressive, I would have been an awesome pirate back in the day. Except the fact that I cannot fight or sail, but still finding treasures.

As I sad before I was going to the Cubs game today, it was real nice got some certificates since it was our first game at Wrigley fields, pretty cool of the Cubs to care that much about their fans. Other then that it was a real nice weather outside, and that made the game a whole lot better. Could work on some tan at the same time as I watched the game, and luckily enough the Cubs won.

What was just amazingly exiting about today was the family we had easter dinner with. To just bring in two complete strangers to their house and make them feel as home, give them food and drinks without even a question. If everybody in the world was like that, we would not have any problems. I am just so appreciative that people like that exists and that I have been lucky enough to meet them. A plus side was the food as well, amazingly good and so much just so much. Still just amazed by the welcoming we got and how nice and fun they were, I hope I will be able to come back one day and that any one that comes to my home will feel the same warmth their home made me feel.


4 thoughts on “All I Need Is Right Here In Front Of Me

  1. Your title made me think of the main theme song in the newest Muppets movie – I think it’s called, “Life’s a Happy Road.” It’s one of my favorites. It’s a good pick-me-up. Go Cubs!

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