What Is Up Chi-Town

Good evening everyone, I hope our day has been pleasant and awesome. I mean if the weather were half as good as it was in Chicago you must have been enjoying yourself real good. Me , Axel walked around all the awesome tourist spots we managed to miss all the other times we were there. We were joined by Henrik and his friend Fiona for awhile, it was seriously an awesome day. The sun was shining and lake Michigan was looking pretty, I really enjoyed life, you know just in a awesome way. One of those days life just smiles at you and you smile back.

Rella and her sister Rachel came and picked us up later, and now we are at their house just hanging out. Rachel brought some of her friends over for awhile, it brought back so much memories of being 16, I kinda of miss that time, so easy days. Funniest ever though, we took the train back to Rella’s house, and from the train station we road a moped, it literally took me back to when I was 16. I loved it so much fun, made me laugh bad.

Well I hope you guys are going to have an awesome night, I will. Last note the Lock family is awesome, and best and Katy Ceisel is awesome as well, live life cause it will not live it self.



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