Riding A Grey Hound To Chi-Town

Good morning everyone, Hope you all had a pleasant sleep. No nightmares and such horridness, I had this real strange dream. You know one of those dreams that really make sense in the beginning but some where along the way they just become stupid, at the end it was about my Mac breaking. The screen came off but I could still use it next to the rest of the computer, probably means that I am on my computer to much but you know I kind off have too. Not only for music and social media, but more often for school work. In one sense I guess I miss fourth grade, you wrote something on a piece of paper and that was your homework. I cannot even remember the last time I did that, do the kids even do that in school anymore? Probably not!

Dreams or not, I am on my way to Chicago at the moment. Sitting on a Grey hound bus, actually pretty comfortable and a lot cheaper then the train. Only 11 dollar, can not beat that price. I am really trying to get my assignments done, but damn they are real boring at the moment. I just do not want to write them, I feel like there is nothing I can write about it. Honestly some times I love the write papers, giving my opinion and argue for something, but this is just dreadful. Kind off like going to your half cousins baby shower, you do not really know any one there, not in the mood, but you kind off have to go since you are family. I do not know, guess I just have to shut the rest of the world out and get some words down on paper.

Hopefully going to upload some pictures from Chicago later, until then have a good one.


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