Bench Baby

Good evening people, I hope your day has been pleasant. I sure do know that mine has, like loving life good. Started off with some homework, never getting away from that, but it was fine not to much work. Decided to actually do some laundry today, yeah believe it or not I actually did it. The thing is since I moved away from home my sense for what is clean and not has had a great change, all of a sudden things stay cleaner longer.

As we had to walk to Cobeen to get food, me and P.Diddy decided to put on some work out clothes and go lift at Straz tower after breakfast. Straz is the campus building that is furthest away from where I live and so not worth the walk just to lift, but since Cobeen is right there as well, we decided to hit to flies with one punch. We worked some real beach muscles today, benching and biceps all that good stuff.

In all honesty I was talking mad shit to Paul before we started benching, but that did not help me as we came up to heavier weights. I mean I know how to bench, but I cannot do 185 pounds 10 times. It is crazy how much soccer players here in America can bench compared to back home in Sweden.

After we just layer out in the sun, listening to music and doing some home work. Personally mostly listening on music, might have taken a nap as well.

It has been crazy the last couple of days to I have been awesome at rock paper and scissors. I beat Paul for a burrito, and I beat Axel for a jimmy jones sandwich and for who was gonna go and pick up my laundry, some times you are lucky!

On a complete other aspect there was a fire here in Milwaukee today, apparently something exploded and started the fire. I was not close enough to see the fire, but the smoke was visible all over. It was real heavy smoke, and I just hope no one got hurt in the fire.

That is all for me tonight, sleep tight world.




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