If It Means A Lot To You

I just woke up, so awesome to be able to wake up whenever I want to. For some reason I decided to goof around on Youtube for a bit, and to my happy surprise I found this video. I know that it is in Swedish so most of you will not be able to understand what is said in the video, however it is not about what they say but it is about what it stands for. For me it is a tribute to what I grew up with, something that stills means so incredible much to me, I can not imagine anything that would make me prouder then represent Hammarby on Soderstadion. To run out as a player and being met my the audience, it is beyond my imagination.

What this video stands for to me is something that goes beyond love, it is more then that its a part of who I am, the core of my being. I know that it might sound weird to have a team that means so much to you, but it is more then the team itself. I remember when I was a kid, and my dad would take me to the games. I loved that to be able to walk hand in hand with my dad to watch out favorite team, he would always buy me some food, and we would be wearing the same kind of clothes. It is a part of how I was raised, a moment that I shared with my father and later on my brother as well.

I hope that everyone has something that means the same to them as this does to me. It does not matter if it is your cat, your photography, dance group, book club, computer chat, food lesson, it can be anything on this planet. As long as it means a lot to you!




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