First Day Of Break Check

Good evening everyone, I hope today has been a great day for you all. I have had plenty of fun and relaxation. Started of with a movie in the room, and went on to the only dorm that serves food during break. Cobeen, my friend Hendrik works there, and he told me that they had went through 500 gallons of strawberry ice cream in 10 days. So much ice cream, and the worst part is that they can’t keep that up due to the cost of it, so they have decided to not serve strawberry ice cream any more. So sad since it was so so good, but hey vanilla will always do.

Right after that we decided to go and watch the track meet down at the valley, we did have thoughts of playing some soccer as well but the wether did not allow it, any who we watched a couple of races and some throwing events. I also played around with my friend Ashley’s little brother Joey, and Paul was clever enough to tape it.

Silly I know, but hey never forget the child within you.

I worked on a few papers and some school stuff that I need to get done during break, I figured that I might as well do it now so I do not have to do it later.

Ended the night with the movie “A knight’s Tale”, such a great movie. It is the first movie that Heath Ledger really had a big role, at least that I remember. He was such a talented actor, such a waste that he took hid own life. Sometimes life can be to overwhelming, and I hope that will never happened to anyone of you. I was just so shocked when Ledger took his life, it seemed to me like his career would take magical steps upwards after his performance in Batman, his illustration of the joker is one of the best if not the best acting I have seen. I guess that some people are really good at hiding their inner demons from the rest of the world. I know that if I had such problems, I would go to my friends I know they will always be their to support me.

In remembrance of a great actor and in hope that the rest of us will live long and happy lives.





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