Well Hello There Easter Break

Good day everyone, guess what just happened, I just went on easter break. Legendary and a very well needed rest from school and soccer, pretty much a rest from life in general.

My plans are literally to just chill, out in the sun with my glasses and hat on, and my shirt off. Does not get better then that, well I will have something refreshing in my hand as well. Oh I just love breaks, would not want to have it all the time since I would not appreciate it as much, but definitely every other month.

A few plans for break though is to go to Chicago with Axel, we are going to stay at Rella’s place with her family. Really nice of them to let a couple of foreigners in. While we are their we are going to catch the Cubs vs. Sox game, should be pretty interesting to go to a Baseball game in Chicago of all places. I hope for some good weather that day, that is essential. I will not be watching a Baseball Game in the rain, that is a fact.

Well I am going to go enjoy this little break right now, and so should all other people who are lucky enough to get one.



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