Late Night Posting And Late Night Snoring

Good evening everyone or whatever it might be called, Good morning maybe? It is soon two in the morning, so I guess you can be the judge of what greeting would be proper.

I just got back to the room, and as always when I get back late I am met by my snoring room mates. I have to admit they have become pretty good at synchronizing their snoring, when one of them are quite the other one snores and the other way around. Basically it is just snoring noise all the time. But you know the saying “put your ear plugs in and smile”, or wait maybe I came up with that.

Earlier this evening I met with my advertising group, we went through everything pretty closely and I have a really good feeling about our project. The best part is that we help each other, we are not leaving anyone behind, my role might be the creative part but everybody else is just as involved as I am. Love it!

I had to leave the meeting a little bit early though, I was going to the movies with Caroline and did not want to be late. Off course we still came late to the movie, however we were the only people in the theatre. Seriously the only ones, such a weird feeling I have never been the only one in a theatre before. In all honesty did not make me like the movie more, but I could do whatever I wanted with my feet and my body. Ended up sitting in the stairs for some reason but hey who cares it was still pretty nice.

I need to get some sleep now since I got practice in 4 hours, tired much?



19 thoughts on “Late Night Posting And Late Night Snoring

  1. I don’t know why but I get quite entertained when it’s just me and a buddy in the theater, too. I love the idea of that moment being completely just for us. Maybe that’s ego and maybe I like that. πŸ˜‰

  2. Snoring is a fairly common affliction, affecting 40 percent of men and 25 percent of women. If you snore, you make a raspy, rattling, snorting sound while you breathe during sleep. Older people are particularly prone to snoring: About one-third of people ages 55 to 84 snore.’

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