Ice Cream Ride

Good evening everyone, I hope your Monday has been productive and not awful. Mondays are though, always feels like it is so long until the weekend. As long as you believe in yourself I am certain that the week will fly by.

Today went by extremely fast to be honest, class flew by and I actually learned a lot. After my advertising class the people within my group stayed and talked about our product the NBA, I have to admit I really like my group and I feel like we have a lot to say. Our group will definitely do a good presentation and receive a well deserved grade.

As soon as we were done with our meeting I headed out to go and get some ice cream with Caroline. Lots of fun as always with her. The hardest part though, choosing the ice cream flavor. Practically impossible for us at least “first world problems” we simply decided to buy every flavor that sounded good tasting. Sadly enough neither me or Caroline could eat it all, had to throw some if it away. Really great tasting ice cream, so good!

I hope you all will have a good nights sleep and a fine day tomorrow.



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