This Funny Little Thing Called Life

Hello everyone, the weekend is almost over and tomorrow it is time to get back to the normal drills in life. As a student it is going to be a chill week though, we get easter break on Thursday. Three days of school will not be to bad, and if you think about it its a lot better then usual. I am a bit confused about easter though, what are we celebrating? Is it still Jesus dying, well if that is it I guess we are not really celebrating. Maybe more of a paying our respect weekend, however, it means my school week gets shorter so I am not complaining. One of my teacher actually pointed out a fun point about Jesus and how the western world has made him look like a white guy, you know the classic photo of him with long hair and white skin. The one picture that we all have seen so many times, well my teacher pointed out that Jesus was born in Nazareth which is in the middle east. People do not look anything like that picture there. According to my teacher it is just another sign of home much our  society is dominated and depicted as a white from a mediated aspect.

Anyways we had out 7 vs. 7 game today, it was actually kind of fun. Just playing some soccer and all that comes with it. My team went up for an early lead 3-0, but the final score was a lose for my team with 9-6. Not what I personally would have wanted, but I still thought we played well. A game like this is more about trying new things and get comfortable with playing in small spaces; then it is about winning.

The rest of the day will be spent doing some research about the NBA, I tried to find a lot of things yesterday but I did not find as much as I had anticipated so more research needs to be done. I’ll probably end up doing some TV watching later anyway, a good movie would be nice to see. I have been feeling kind off dragged towards watching Scarface lately, I do not know why, great movie and all but I do not know if I want to see it for the tenth time.

I better get started with some research so I get done sooner then later.



2 thoughts on “This Funny Little Thing Called Life

  1. Sebastian,
    Like your blog. Fun updates, cool style. Thanks for stopping by mine; hope to see you again there soon.

    If you like movie reviews, I’ve got more classics I’ll post soon, so make sure you follow…


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