Is It Worth It?

Good day everyone, soon to be weekend I hope everybody is excited. Or at least more exited then you are on Sunday nights. I learned in my Advertising class that people who hate their jobs are extremely depressed on Sunday nights, and like teenage girls at a Justin Bieber concert on Fridays. Hopefully the people who do not mind and/or love their jobs still are like those teenagers on Fridays.

I woke up this morning with one question in my head, should I leave my comfortable bed to go to my one class of the day. I managed to get up, and walk in the rainy weather to class, and when I get their the only thing we do is watch a movie and they do not even take attendance. What did I learn, some days it is the wrong decision to leave your warm and comfortable bed.

One good thing came from leaving my bed though, I met Alejandro in the cafeteria so I had some lunch with him. I have not seen him a while so it was nice to catch up a little bit. He was pretty tired though, apparently he did some star watching yesterday! He and Blair decided to go star watching, took a couple of blankets some wine and some chocolates. It sounded like a pretty awesome night to me, pretty romantic according to himself. I had to agree, it sounded really romantic stars, blankets, wine and chocolate cannot deny it.

I have to admit I am not extremely exited about practice tonight since it is raining outside, but it will be nice to touch the ball with the team again. We have had two days of to focus on our studies, and I think that has beed pretty beneficial for a lot of our players (business/engineering majors) others not so much;)



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