Vacation Babe

Good evening everyone, I hope that the week is not to long for anyone. I know that mine just got a lot easier, our coaches decided to cancel practice tomorrow morning, so that we players have more time to study. Smart since we as a team need to get our grades up a little bit. We have a 3.0 as a goal and at the moment we are not reaching that. We are close and if everybody just pushes a little bit harder we will easily make it. I know we can, and I know we will.

I got my Philosophy exam back today, did not go as well as I had hoped but I am still on a solid B. Which is awesome, I went in to the class aiming for a C and now I got a B so I guess I just have to keep on going. It is not as interesting anymore, but I am eager to find out if any one else has as bright minds as Socrates and Aristotle.

Not to forget is that I had a Visual Communication test today, even though the study session on Friday completely screwed with everyone’s heads I thought it went pretty good. First of all the questions are not super difficult and the subject is interesting, I actually answered a few questions in Philosophy today because of what I learnt in Visual Communication. As always I got done after like twenty minutes, and now awaits the usual mind ice after a test. I got an A, next hour I totally screwed it, oh I am gonna fail, no I will be fine. My mind just goes through the motions when I am waiting for results. Guess that is one way I am crazy.

Well I actually have a quiz on Thursday so I am going to do some reading for that, sleep tight everybody.


All we need in this messed up and awesome thing we call life!




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