Sunday Brings Out My Lazy Side

Hello and good evening, I hope everybody has had a fun weekend.

Just a question towards the world, does Sundays make you lazy or is it just me?

A classic Sunday, I slept in until like 1, had breakfast and took a nap, I mean just by reading this I understand that it is the laziest thing to do. Taking a nap an hour after I wake  up, however, pretty sweet. Same as now I know I should study for my exam in Tuesday, but I have no intention or want to do so. Not that I got anything super important to do anyway, I just do not feel like it, just because it is Sunday. I swear when I get old my Sundays are gonna be even sweeter, probably end the night’s with something on the rocks down at the beach. Oh and yeah I will be living in Thailand, probably on the beach. THE DREAM!

Aight, back to reality. Today was filled with a test review a million times better than Friday, today I actually learned something about what could come to be on the test and what I should study on. I got to give it to Patrick, always delivers. Great TA for those who wants to take any comm classes at Marquette. Fait grader, helpful and you actually learn things. Yeah I know I am shocked to, had no clue that could happen in school.

Sickly exiting though, we started shooting the movie today. It is fun, I am a little bit unsure about how it goes on a set but today it worked really well. Everybody who works on the production team is really friendly and helpful which makes things easier. Fun though is that one of the guys I am co-acting with is Tim one of the best here at the school. He has a main character in all the main productions at the school. It is real easy to work with him, and he is very talented. Anyways we ended the day with some pizza and movies that they had made before here at the school, a little bit better than what my group created last year!

So in all Sunday accordance I am probably going to turn on a movie and just chill, have a nice night everyone.




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