Pass It On

Good morning everybody, I hope your weekend had been relaxing and fulfilling.

I know that mine has been pretty relaxing, except our game last night. I believe that it was the first time in about little more than a year that I played a full 90 minute game. Strange, but over all it went good. We did not win, we tied 0-0. I guess that is a acceptable result since NIU are a nationally ranked team, however, I thought we should have won the game. We created a lot of corners, and had at least two opportunities that should have been a goal. Β We did not play our best soccer at times, but that was to be excpected since it was the first game of the year. Overall a pretty good game from us though, we just missed that last little piece.

As usual after a hard game my body was ready to pass out, just went back had some food and passed out in my bed. It is strange how tired you can become from a simple thing as a soccer game.

A little bit of excitement for today though, we are gonna shoot the first scenes of the movie later today, so I need to fix a few things before that. Printing out the script and learn it for example, should not be a problem though, at least I hope not.

I got a test review to attend to as well, hopefully it will actually do something useful this time. Last time was just a waste of time, can not believe that I woke up for that one. Hoping for today though, because I am in the awkward situation where i do not really know what the test is going to be about. I know in general but I can not figure out any particular areas we could be focusing on. Hoping for some clarification today though.



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