Yeah We Are Back

Good evening awesome people, I just spent the last two hours on the computer to learn how it works and to get used to what it does. It is more than I actually thought possible, but I am learning more and more. The sickest part is that I can convert my video files from my camera and edit them however I want to. Also not to forget I can get any music in the world on iTunes it is awesome.

Other strange and happy news I guess, my knees where perfectly fine during todays practice  , I did not feel a thing. Probably had something to do with the pain killers I took, but what ever works right? Super extremely strange though my elbow has decided to surrender. I can barely touch it, it is tense and super swollen I might have to put some needles in their to release some water out of it. However it is very easily infected so I need to be super careful, I have no clue about what is is and how I got it but I get to where a pretty cool sleeve so I am happy about it;)

I thought that I should post some other pictures from new york, so here goes!

That is a little part of our trip!



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