Transit Adventure

Good evening people, it is soon time to go to bed. Finally, soccer is really hard on the body these days feels kind of strange to say it but feels like my body is getting older. Such a strange thing to say, but when older people describe their bodies this is hoe i imagine that they feel.

Anyway I decided to go on an adventures trip to the mall today, first time I took the bus here in America. The funny thing is that here just as back in Sweden the transit transportation is really unreliable, late or not coming at all. I love the ide’ of transit transportation since it is so good for nature and the environment but for it to really make a change it need to become more sufficient. Sadly I am one of those boring people at the moment who only can point out the problem without coming up with a solution, hate those people in meetings. Going forward thug I really feel like that needs to be fixed and i would be very happy if i would provide the solution.

Got to the mall anyway, and walked straight up to the apple store. After a long discussion about converting files and fixing formats and all that fun stuff I bought a new computer. It feels really good even though it cost me a lot of money. I feel like it is with the money since I will be able to use it in work and school. The thing about buying electronics is that the price is never for all you need, we consumers always buy some extra shit like protection plans, and covers and Buddha nows what!

But hey life is pretty sweet right;)





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