Life By This Guy

Good evening sweet people,  hope you all are loving the awesome thing we all call life. I know I am, it really is amazing what good weather can do to your general mood. I really do understand why people are so suicidal up north it is just so dark up there.

I am at the moment writing on my room-mate Adams computer, and thereby, I cannot post pictures. I am not the best when it comes to technology, in all honesty I am kind of bad like really bad. I will get the hang of it soon though, I kind of need to since I will start using these kind of computers all the time. I am usually a quick learner so it should not be to much of a stretch.

Todays practise was really developing, a great session by the team. It is fun to see a lot of our players develop, like I can actually see a change in how they play compared to before, and it is a good change. The whole squad is getting a lot better, and I believe that every individual is getting better as well. Except me maybe, it is really hard to play with my knees at the moment, but all I can do is to keep working hard and hope that it will go away soon.

It is time to get some valuable sleep now, until next time stay safe and enjoy life.





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