I Need It

I have just figured out that I need a new computer and I will probably get it as soon as possible. I will have to spend about 1500 dollars on it but I believe that the investment will be worth it. I will be able to do a lot of movie editing on that new one and it will be so much faster then my old one.  Who am I kidding I have already decided to get it, damn it I am bad at not spending money.

Well well money is suppose to be spent and not saved.


Finally done with the day though so that is a good thing, it has been real long. Started of at seven this morning and I just got back, so it is a 14 hour day. Real long day, but I am still going strong. Or am I, my knees just started hurting again I personally blame the field it is so hard. I just hope I will be able to play, like I can play but it hurts so much I cannot run. Maybe I just have to low of a pain tolerance, who cares it will get better soon.



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