Back To School

Good morning world, happy to tell you that I am back in Milwaukee and the Marquette University campus.

I just left New York, I am really going to miss the crowded streets, the parks, the unlimited things to do, but it is also nice to be back here in Milwaukee. It will be struggle to wake up for a 7 a.m. practise tomorrow though. Who needs sleep right?

Our flight back yesterday was almost an hour late, but that did not really matter thanks to the time difference we got back pretty early anyway. Once again it showed that being a foreigner “helps” in one sense. As we were sitting on the airport waiting for a shuttle two girls walked up to us and asked us where we were from, and if we wanted to join them for a drink downtownย later, since I am not 21 (did not tell them that) I can not go to bars. So very sadly we had to do the worst thing you can do, decline the invitation with a text message. Horrible thing to do but there was no other choice.

What is on the agenda for today, let me see. Chilling, playing tennis and move back in to Mashuda. However, I do believe I should have some homework to do but We will see about that.

Untill later,




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