Just Cray Cray Crazy

Good evening everybody, I just came back from the Muay Thai night at the mecca. 15 matches 4 and a half hours of fighting and battles. I have to say that I was impressed by how the peole fought, I really changed my picture of Muay Thai. I really liked how they fought and their pre game rituals, they seemed to have a lot of respect for what Muay Thai is about.

However, the best part about it was the second to last fight. Big guys you know, over 209 pounds. One of them was probably about 250, one of the biggest black males I have ever seen. He lost the fight,it was a crazy fight they were just going at it. Fighting like crazy, flying hits, knees, fists and everything. The biggest guy lost, after a amazing kick to his head. He got real pissed, he wanted to continue to fight but the reef said no. He got so so pissed, I thought he would fight the reef.
The best part was yet to come though, as he had calmed down and they announced the winner. When Mike Taylor walked off one guy in the audienced bued, Taylor just lost it.
He pushed his trainers away, and just chased the guy. Punshed him, probably killed him. No, but the look on his eyes were the craziest I have ever seen. The whole crowd just went crazy, screaming and shouting. The most awesome moment ever in the mecca.

Just wanted to share that with the world, Mike Taylor is the man.



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