Green Is The Color Of The Day

Good morning sweet people today is st.patricks day, which here in New York basically means everybody dresses an green and gets drunk out of their mind.
Usually there are a lot of people walking around on the streets, but today it is many more. It is even hard to walk around, people everywhere.
I love the fact that everybody is super friendly and just wants to have fun, no one is looking for fights they just scream happy ST.Patricks day and keeps walking. I see this awesome guy who took a picture next to a coop car of himself holdong a vodka bottle and sitting on the car. Stand up against the law system, love the commoitment.

On a complete different level of life, I just found out that I got accepted to the study abroad program in Cagli, Italy. Real happy news I mean it is always sweet to get accepted to things here in life. However, I will not go and do that this summerdue to the price of it I could not afford it and therefore I am going to Canada instead. Still real happy that I got accepted, and to survive the streets of NY during ST.Patricks day.



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