So I have been walking on the upper/middle east side all day, going into a lot of shops. Diesel, louie, zara, tommy, gabbana, fendi you name it. Obviusly amazing clothing and quality within the stores. One store even had a miniature ocean made outside their store to show their new summer collection. Spare no spences to sell, is the simple way here.

I love zara and all they got, however I feel like they have lost some of their intregity in who they are as a brand. Still awesome, but they need to work their way back to what it used to be.
However,what suprises me is the amount of workers they have in these stores, there are often a lot more than the actual cotumers. I do not really get how they can afford to have so many workers, feels like that would make the different companies lose money, or well their clothes are real expensive sp I guess everything works out in the end. Except for all poor students maybe, could spend my tution in a day here.



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