We Are Tourists

Well well well, good morning world and all those who are in it!
Today looks like it is going to be a fantastic day, as all days here as a tourist seems to be. Complete honesty my favourite part is almost the spring weather and just walking around looking at the New York.

Last day I did some crazy things, like seriously I love the fact that I done it. We walked around down in little Italy and China town, while in china town we wanted to try some real chinease food. Walked in to the seemingly smallest and most chinease plays there was. The cheapest food ever,we had no clue what it was! I tried to be safe and order beef broccoli, I thought that was a safe call but I was so so wrong! Luckily enough the rice tasted really good.

The most awesome thing I tried out though was a classic italian shave, I have never been shaved with a classic shaving knife before, it was legendary. We asked the ice cream guy about a good barber and he told us to walk up the street and walk in the first barber shop and ask for sal. And so we did, and so we were shaved. A really relaxing and refreshing experience to be honest.

Just a great day down in the smaller areas of new york, now it is time for some morning coffea, ciao bella.



One thought on “We Are Tourists

  1. looking ood feeling good just enjoy life is here and now New York make sure you ldo the best for the two

    see you later

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