Life Is Life lalalalala

Good day people, and it is certainly going to be a good day. Started off this morning with a a jog up to and in central park. Might have been one of the most pleasureable runs ever, or maybe the beach in Australia and Thailand, it is a rough spot to compete for. However, I have to admit Central Park is a lot more beautiful then I had imagined. It is a great place to do anyything really, certainly a really good place to take a date. A lot of beautiful spots to just enjoy nature and each others company. I also saw Reebook shoot their new commercial campaign, pretty awesome. My buddy axel took his phone with him as well so we even got a few pictures.
Oh I almost forgot they were shooting a movie as well, I hace no clue witch but still pretty sick!

Yesterday we all booked tickets for the blue man group tonight, I have always wanted to see them so I am pretty excited. Me and Axel ended yesterday with a comedy show at the comedy club Dangerfields, it was really fun. The comedians were on the edge all the time, and I found that really amusing. It was really expensive though, their foods and drinks were extremly over priced. I was happy I only drank non alcoholic drinks otherwised I would have been bank rupted. /go really but they were over priced.

I need to take a quick shower, and then head down to little Italy to watch the Napoli game and get some lunch.

Be Safe!

// Sebastian


One thought on “Life Is Life lalalalala

  1. You have jogged in Central park so awesome…..
    It seems that you are having a great time son, make sure to enjoy life smile and remember that everything you think can become true

    love mom

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