New York New York

Yesterday was my first in the city New York, I have to say that it really had its ups and downs. Mostly ups however! Our hotel room is probably one of the worst ones I have ever been in, but the location makes up for all of that.
You know when you are riding in a shuttle that brings a lot of people to their hotels and one they stop at a hotel you just whish it was yours. Well this time I actually got to live in that hotel. It is right next to madison square gardens maine entrance, I could not ask for a better location. The only real problem though is that we do not have internet in the room, Thereby, I will update from my phone during the week. I apologise for any misspealing and that I will not have a lot of pictures. I will post all that on Saturday when I get back though, I think there might be a few videos even.

Right now I am sitting in the most awesome shoe shop ever, it is right next to ground zero. I will go there after this. I could litterally spend about 5000 dollars in here, I will try to restrain myself though. To be honest I do not have that kinda money, so no shoes but dang it I do love shoes.

Hopefully Axel will find a pair, he left all his shoes back in Milwaukee so he really need some new ones.

Not to forget I met up with my old friend Michael and his room mate Linus, pretty chill guys. Those bastards managed to find a bus ticket to New York and back from Boston for 9 dollars. The craziest price ever!!!



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