Change Is A Part Of Life

Good morning world, dang it I am in a good mood today. I believe that it must have something to do with it being Spring Break, finally I can do exactly whatever I feel like whenever I feel like it. Not to say that I am doing any particulary exciting things, it just the notion that it is up to be what I do. If I were on an island  in Thailand right now I would be in my own personal paradise. However, it is pretty nice to be hear in Milwaukee as well, we are fortunate enough to have real good weather.

Today looks like it just going to be chilling all day long, I had to check out from my dorm room this morning. Our school which costs 40000 dollar each year does not think that money is enough to be able to stay in a shitty dorm room for breaks, luckily enough I got some nice friends who give  me the privilege to stay at their place. I think I will clean it up here though, not just as a nice thing because they are letting me stay here but for my comfort as well.

I actually had breakfast or well maybe brunch with Alejandro today, he told me about his friday night. Not as exiting as usual but still pretty funny, apparently his friend was celebrating another friends birthday and he joined in. They were planning on going to the club, however, they never made it their. Alejandro’s friend was not sober enough to get into the club, and to not be allowed in is pretty skilled here in America I have never heard of it before. They night did not stop there though, in all accordance of brain usage they did not realize that it was time to go home. Therefore, they took a can to another bar, not a good ide since Alejandro’s friend Pepe I believe his name was, barely could stand. Another cab back from there, twenty dollars later and they were home. Alejandro told me that this was the first time he actually had to help someone else instead of getting help himself, a change in attitudes I guess. That is something you do for your friends without thinking about it, just common sense I personally would do the same. To bad Alejandro did not get the opportunity to go out though I think it would have been a blast.

In other happier thought I went to a fish taco place yesterday, best fish tacos ever. The waitress sucked, seems to be my luck lately, but the tacos oh oh oh they were so good and only a dollar. They also had oysters for 69 cents each, thereby, I decided to try my first one ever. It was not as bad as I thought it was gonna be but not really tasty either.



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