We Are Done Baby

Today is the day when I am officially done with everything before spring break, yeah I am on spring break. It is going to be nice to just be able to do whatever I want for like ten days. I am going to chill so much, and as I mentioned before I will be going to New York. Super random but Michael one of my oldest friends from Sweden is going there as well, hopefully will I be able to meet up with him.

Today is my room mates Axel birthday, we did not celebrate in a particular fashion today except going to dinner at Sobelman’s. I have to say that the burgers are amazing there just delicious.  Great dinner conversation with Adam, Henrik, Jason, and Pedro, they are funny people. Classic for foreigners I guess, maybe its just our weird way of thinking. Ryan joined in a bit later, only American at the table. However, not to be a douche but our waitress was awful tonight, forget our orders and never brought any water. She apologies so many times, I really felt like she was in more need of a spring break then I am.

One thing I did learn today though: power naps are awesome. I felt like a new person after mine today, sadly it was unnecessary for me to wake up. I was supposed to go and do a cold read for the script “Kids These Days” I showed up at 3:30 ready to go, however the director had mixed up the times. They changed it to five, I lazy as I am decided to stay and watch a documentary about Messi until 5. When the time came, they decided to cancel it for the day. So instead of sleeping I sat at Johnston hall, Shit happens, right??

Stay calm world,




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