Just sitting in the locker room working on some school work, I really got bored with that so I decided to write something here insted.

I am probably gettign some assigments back this week which will be fun, or something completly different than fun, I guess that depends on whther I did good or not. Strange how emotions work…

I have basically made my decision whether to go to Canada or Italy this summer, and I will probably go to Canada. The reason is that in Canada I will make money compared to Italy where I would have to pay. Not to forget is that I still cannot let go of this dream I always had, some people might say that it is time to let go of that dream and grow up, but I really do not feel like growing up quite yet. Therefore, I will most likely go to Canada and play to become a better and more comprehend soccer player, joined by my fellow team mates Axel Sjoberg and  (Paul Dillon).

Sadly that would mean that will not be able to play for neither Enhorna or the Bavarians this summer, especially unfortunate to miss the open cup with the Bavarians.I do give my best wishes to both Enhorna and the Baverians and I hope I will have the opportunity to play for them again.

At last a link to my commercial blog!

Stay safe

///Sebastian Jansson

One thought on “Lifebysebastian

  1. Hi can´t believe it my wonderful son is maybe going to Canada my country where I was working when I was 18 years old many years ago…… well son I will be there with you all the time even if I want be there in person well maybe we will be… love mom

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