Serenades For Life

Last couple of days has been real busy, a lot of soccer and a lot of school. I had a few exams and I actually studied for them. Felt kind of strange since I usually do not do that. I mean off course I look over things before an exam, but this time I actually studied almost seven hours. If I do not get a good result on this it must be a sign that I am not meant for studying, just doing everything else.

However the strangest thing is that I am getting real used to not having my phone, I do not even know if I actually need it back. Oh wait I think that is a lie, yeah most definitely. I got media lies stuck in my head, we have gone over those things in class the whole week. I got to say that some people have been really creative in putting media lies in media and that have fooled so many parts of society.

Happy news though, I did get the part in the movie I auditioned for. So hopefully we will start to shoot it soon, I am really exited about it. Later on tonight it is some futsalΒ on the schedule and then I will chill for the rest of the weekend, weioooo!



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