The Dark Side Of The Moon

A first notice shout out to my lovely mom, if you want to talk to me on Skype you have to be online, otherwise it will not work!

The day is not over yet, I am just back in my room for a little bit, I got my night class on Mondays so need to go to that and participate. However I do have a feeling that we are supposed to have a test today, hopefully I am wrong but the thought illuminates me. It is fine though because I love this class, advertising is awesome, and the text-book only cost me 1 dollar and 26 cents, pretty good compared to some other classes 150 for a text-book I rarely look in. Not good for anyone!

I did have my first audition ever yesterday, I have to be honest and say that I got a little bit nervous, and as always when I get nervous I talk extremely much. The best part is that I talk about things that does not make any sense at all. It does not even make sense to me, it is just words that has no content what so ever, just completely random. In any case, nervous or not, it felt all right. Probably not my best acting performance ever, but hopefully good enough to get the role. I think my greatest advantage is that I do like quit Medittereran. I believe that I will find out if I get it or not later this week, so hope for the best.

Practise this morning at 7 A.M as usual, dead tired as usual. And I had to run so much just so much, we have quit a few players after 8 on Mondays because some have to leave for class, therefore I had to cover the ground for three positions, left back, left mid, and left striker. It was very tiring, fun but still very tiring. In other news we can play soccer for 20 hours now, so that means two practises a day a couple of times a week. Less time for studying or less time for a social life, I wonder what I will spend less time doing.

I am kind of the “Robinson Crouse” of my time. No phone in today’s society is like being stranded on an island back than. Might be a quit stupid analogy, but it is actually true, we are so dependant of our phones in today’s society. I am doing pretty well any way, but I have to admit that it feels really weird/sad/strange to not be able to text, call, check twitter, Facebook and all those fun things. Soon enough I will have my phone back though, sweet!

Not to forget, thank you James Routledge and John Mau for being terrible at Fifa and thereby, having to buy me and a pizza yesterday, and yes I know you two will read this:)


Ending this post with a song made my Adele, but even better performed by this guy!




One thought on “The Dark Side Of The Moon

  1. Hi lovely son, we were there Fia and I but maybe the songfestival made us dizziy have you heard that there was a person that made it to the finals with a terrible performance so maybe that was the rason we weren´t on line but still I think we had the computer on.
    Can we try again on thursday???

    love mom

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