We Can Dance Until We Die

Finally back in the room after a long day, or was it really that long? It feels like I just spent it doing stuff that did not really make sense to be honest. Some of it made lots of sense but mostly not at all. For example, one of my classes got cancelled due to the teacher having a conference in Chicago. Good little soccer player as I wanted to be I decided to walk down to the valley to do some extra practise, slow walker as I am it took me almost ten minutes. Sadly enough when I finally got there my card into the locker room did not work, as no one was around I had to walk all the way back. Probably one of the most stupid walks in my life, finally a moment where I took a so called walk of shame!!!

But who cares right, but as Thursday is smoothie night at Straz I was planning on eating there. But no no no, the stupid fire alarm decided to go off, and no one was allowed in. Who has a fire alarm practise during smoothie night ?? Such a bad choice.

And when I got back here I decided to take a look at my assignment which is due tomorrow, it is not a big assignment only 250 words, but still some work put into it. Sadly enough it had decided to disappear from my computer, and I am asking myself the question did it disappear because I did not click on the remove safety thing?? First time ever, if that would be true. And since I am not the kind of guy who even likes to do assignments once, I decided to put my hope in that it could be saved on the computer in the locker room. If I am wrong I guess I would have to swallow my pride and do it tomorrow before class!!

But let’s not be to negative, I did do some good stuff today as well. Met with my tutor and he helped me with some last problems I had with my paper. I hope for an A on it, I feel like I brought up some deep stuff!

Also some lifting a classes, bla bla, Axel wants to eat, and we feel like leaving Adam and his girlfriend alone in the room for some time, ( if you know what I am talking about).

Last remark however, tomorrow at 7 a.m. we are competing with the lacrosse team in hill running, I am very confident in our ability to crush them, but needs to be done as well!



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