Teenage Dream

7 a.m. practise this morning I could not have been more tired, I seriously thought I was going to fall asleep playing. Could barely keep my eyes open and therefore I probably did not do my best practise ever. We only did some small things do so it did not matter too much, after an hour of soccer Nate (our lifting coach) came down and did some speed/agility training with us. Completely dead after all those sprints lead to an 3 hour nap in my room before I headed to class.

Breaking news however, probably the first day since 10 grade I had sweat pants on. I would guess it looked pretty funny, but who cares I was just to tired to put jeans on. Went to class and then back to my room for a new lovely nap, and yes I was really tired today like really tired!!!

Anyways I did some home work later on, and then I went to an information session about studying abroad in Italy. Really interesting and I really want to do it, but I am still not sure. It is going to cost me a lot of money to go I believe, and I am not sure I got resources to go but we will se what happens. Money or not, the program seems to be pretty amazing, and they actually got a soccer team there which the information guy though I would be able to play with.

Sweetest of the day was tanning though, hopefully I won’t get burned this time. It would not surprise me though, but let us hope for the best. I got to say that the company is more important the actual tanning though, always fun to hang with “the tanning group” for awhile! Pretty cute cashier as well, always a plus.



One thought on “Teenage Dream

  1. Hi my earlybird, you are great to get up so early here it is winter but the snow makes life brighter beacause it lights the day up. but 7 am training will i never start with i think, love mom

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