Sleep Tight Little Man

Today is valentines day, a day I never really cared for. I just think that I can by gifts for my girl whenever I feel like it, to have a day where gifts are expected kind off takes away the romance for me. But those who enjoy it I hope you had a great day, with a lot of cards and all those things.

On a completely other chapter, got a quiz back today. One that I had not studied a single second for, but I managed to get 9/10 anyway so pretty happy about that. I got an exam in that subject next week, and that will be very interesting I do have some tricks up my sleeve though!

Tonight’s TV-show was really funny, and I got to give it to my co-host she really slipped in some dirty analogies that were really fun and almost inappropriate. However, today was one of the last shows I will participate in due to all upcoming soccer. I do believe that I will come back every once and awhile and give a guest performance. We also did a special segment today, were I and Martin talked about love and dates and all that fun stuff. I really think we killed, and best of all it was really fun!

Well, well but we got an early practise tomorrow so I need to get some sleep, take care.



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