Yeah It Is Still Winter

It has just struck me that it is still winter here, we have been to lucky the last couple of weeks. I could not believe that the weather here were so good, it felt like spring. People were seriously walking around in t-shirts and shorts, now however we got cold weather again. It is seriously deadly cold now, and the worst part is that we are practising outside. Who really cares though, I mean you cannot really complain when you get to play soccer.

Today has been very chill, worked on some home work and read a few books about my subjects. I also had a talk with my advisor about changing majors again, I have changed just to many times but I just can not choose what I would like to do. However I feel like I am about to find out what it is I want to do.

I spent some time studying with Rella and Katie as well, pretty chill not much homework done but it was a pretty good time.

More exiting however is that I am looking for trips during spring break, it is expensive but I mean vacation is vacation. I hate money anyways, it just creates so many to limits to what I can do. I love travel, and I wish I had more money to spend on it, but I am pretty happy about my situation anyway.

Now I need to get some sleep so that I can wake up before practise tomorrow!!!



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