Just finished my firs paper for the year, am pretty impressed to be completely honest. A lot of thoughts came into what I was writing, and they brought up some good provocative points. As always as soon as I get it back I will post it here.

Other than that I have not really done too much today, went toe mall with Mau, DJ, and Kelmend. I actually found a pair of jeans at HM, never happened before, however I decided not to buy them because the line was probably longer than the chinese wall. Might order them online though, oh wait HM doesn’t have online shopping in USA, so sad for a country that claims to be the main power in the world. I also helped Paul Dillon to create a blog of his own, funniest part is that me helping in really goes back to what I am just learning in advertising. People do not want help from claimed experts, they are more likely to want help from people they know and trust which have better knowledge about the subject then they do themselves.

Just as Paul asked me for help, I am anything but an expert on creating blogs on WordPress, but he knew that had more knowledge than him. Therefore he found me to be very helpful, the same concept can be applied to relations between those who sell products and those who buy them. if I brand can create that relationship with its costumers, they will have their loyalty forever.

I actually had lunch with Alejandro as well, he had a great time yesterday at the club 720, apparently he and his friends got to ride a white limousine tot he club, a little bit top-notch off course. He really liked it, and apparently a lot of people were falling around on the dance floor ( no I did not mean to write fooling) they were actually falling on their asses. Got to have something to do with those long heels every single female soul are so in love with. I personally hate them, first of all they are dangerous, seriously they are like knives, and second of all girls with heels are usually taller than me. I really do not like that makes me feel so short..

The after party was kind of a disaster but as Alejandro said you cannot get all every night, and on the other hand a girl drove them home like 3 in the morning, always nice to not have to pay a cab!!!

Up coming is the worst day of the year, Valentines Day. Oh myyyy I hate you so! Not that I do not care for romance, but I just do not see that day as a romantic day. It is just created to make people buy a lot things. I say it is so much more romantic to buy something or do something special for the one you love on a random day when they do not expect it. Now it is just expected that one should buy roses and hearts and all shulhulu, the people who does those things on a random day are those who has true love!

Now it is time to kick Axel’s ass in some NHL, greatest video game ever ( Assassins creed?) or at least on of them.

Half full or half empty? Your life your decisions!



One thought on “P.O.D-Alive

  1. Always half full ….
    Good night from Sweden lovely talking to you and great that you and Oscar had a long chat, nice. Well words from mom “Everything is possible it is only your own thoughts that can make things more difficult so please be careful with your thoughts and dreams.

    Sweet dreams my son love mom

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